We rely on a host of tools, such as IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to communicate, Helga for web-based project management, mailman for our mailing list, SVN for version control, wordpress, mediawiki, etc. For animation (and film editing, lecture slide creation, etc) we turn to the famous 3D suite Blender, backed up by other great projects such as GIMP, Inkscape, FFMPEG and Ogg. Urchin and many of its team enjoy the use of libre operating systems such as GNU/Linux and BSD.




Python scripts designed to run in Blender, as well as utilities/ shell scripts we might write to aid production.

We are using Blender 2.5 beta, which means that we've written many scripts that have to keep pace with development changes. Ones we are not working with at any given time may not be actively maintained. The community can access an svn repository of all our code, and is welcome to submit patches for benefit of all.

Expounded : Blender 2.4x theme seen in many of my screenshots

Camera Switching scripts : description in this blogpost

Rigamarule Version 0.2 : Autorigging and rig retargetting for Blender, in extreme alpha. Relevant posts here and here. To check out SVN: svn co http://projects.urchn.org/rigamarule

Copy Attributes Menu for Blender 2.5: Brings back the old functionality from Blender 2.4x. Instructions on installing it here. It's now a part of trunk, so should come with any svn checkout.

Armature layer names for Blender 2.5: Allows naming armature layers for ease of use. Blog post here.

Blend files might include models, rigs, materials and tests

  • Modified Biped Rig : based on Nathan Vegdahl's excellent design.
  • Mancandy 2.48 : Used in some of our tests.
  • As we make the transition to 2.5 we're making our own builds of blender for various OSes that we run. We'll upload them here

    OSX 10.6.1 "Snow Leopard 64bit" : revision 24826

    Ubuntu GNU/Linux 9.10 "Karmic Koala" 64bit: revision 24834