At SIGGRAPH we premiered the trailer for the Blender community and revealed the title of the Tube Open Movie project:

Wires For Empathy

Tube is a name we have gotten attached to, but it was only a provisional title and serves us still as the designation for the project (the way that Elephants Dream is also known as Orange). Wires for Empathy is a more evocative title that hints at the themes of this fairly abstract film. During the weeks running up to SIGGRAPH, the local and remote crews were working hard polishing these (and many more) shots and getting them rendered in time. We hope you enjoy our short trailer!

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  3. NameMamaBear :

    Is it possible to see the trailer without 1) google 2) javascript?

  4. Yes! very soon in fact we’re going to post it officially (we’re doing a bit of web design for presentation), in the meantime:

  5. NameMamaBear :

    Thank you Bassam! Looking good!

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